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Gallery & About Me

You can find my gallery on this website, where I’ve placed some photos.
You can also find some information about me as a person here.


You can find all my photographs on Adobe Stock. Just click on Portfolio, which will directly lead you to Adobe Stock.
I’m also selling my photos there.

Support & Contact

You can feel free to support me! I would be thankful if you would share my website or portfolio.
You can also write me a private message via Instagram or E-Mail.

What means photography to me?

It’s a beautiful way to express your deepest feelings. You can capture the world’s beauty and share it with people. Capture any moment; it’s like freezing time. But then, it wouldn’t be a moment anymore, right?

Photos can express our thoughts and feelings when we cannot tell them ourselves. It can capture the most tragic events or the most beautiful moments.

I want to express myself to you. I want you to see that there’s so much more out there. Things we might not see or give much attention to.

Most of the time, we take things for granted.

-Roxana Dias


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Our bearded dragon breed

Our breed was a full success! We had 15 Bearded Dragon Eggs. It took them 60-63 days. All 15 Beardies have been born, finally. They are healthy and absolutly cute.

My Pets

Here I would like to show you my pets. They are my number one priority!I own six Bearded Dragons, one Green Iguana & one Blue Iguana, two Collared Iguanas and two „Costa Rica Splendor Tortoise.“ It’s true that I barely have any money, but that won’t stop me from having pets. Animals are great. They […]

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